Saturday, April 13, 2019

Bermi App : earning app

Bermi is a video community that pays you to use it!

Upload your own videos and build an audience, or simply watch videos from other people and follow and LIKE your favorites. You'll earn money as you go.

Many of the top creators from Vine, TikTok, Instagram and LIKE have already created profiles with us.

Videos are capped at 30 seconds, and are packed with great action. Popular video categories include comedy, sports, dance, music, food, animals and nature.

As you Like, Follow, and Watch videos, the app learns what kind of content you enjoy and predicts what you’ll want in the future. It’s never been this easy to find great videos to watch and show to your close friends.

To earn money just watch and upload videos, share them with friends, and log in to the app each day.

New members receive a free signup bonus.

Key Features

Upload: Are you in South or Central America? Upload your own videos for the community to engage with.

Share: We make it easy to share videos through Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and more. When a friend signs up through your video link, you get credit for the referral and earn cash.

Comment: Chat with other people on Bermi in the comments section of ea5ch video.

Like: Want to show the uploader that you like what they posted? You know the drill.

Follow: Follow accounts you like and we’ll prioritize their videos in your feed.

Scratch Off Game: For every 100 tokens you earn, you get a Scratch-Off Ticket where you can earn up to $100. Hit the low minimum threshold and withdraw your earnings.

Bermi is the fastest growing video app in the world, with hundreds of thousands of new members each month. Many of our members are in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and across Latin America.

Download today to get in on the ground floor with us

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