Monday, May 27, 2019

How to read others text messages on your mobile phone

How to read others text messages on your mobile phone

About Sms Forwarder Application

 Hello Friends Welcome To Apk Bars My Name is Ali And Today I am telling you about SMS Forwarder Application. Guyz Basically This App Using sms and call Forwarding To Mobile inbox Massge To Your Email this Very Cool and Amazing App. You Can Use Sms forwarder application easyly.If You Want to Know How To Use Sms forwarder application so then Flowe me.

How To Use SMS Forwarder Application

Guyz first of all Open Open Sms forwarder application and then Select An email address which You want to Use. And Then Put other Email address where You forward Your sms or call. After select the email then press the Continue Button.
After the Continued the You will go to this page .                                    Sms Forwarder Application

Here show three Options. Sms Forwarding. Missed Call Forwarding. Low Battery Forwarding. On Your Favourite Option and enjoying this app. If you can select sms forwarding option only sms will be forward to your friend.If you select missed call Forwarding then only missed call or call was forward. if you can select to forward Battery only battery was for Forward. Guyz if You want to Forward only sms and call or missed Call Forward then on the sms and missed call options. if You can forward all sms,missed call and battery then on all the option.
Sms Forwarder Application

How To Install Sms Forwarder Application

Friends 1st Of all isntall this application.
Application we will provide You Bottom of this artical install the application and enjoying

Thanks For Coming I hope You will Enjoy Here. 

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